Complete Skateboards

The size of a Skateboard is determined by the width of the deck. Choose within the following guide:
  • Size 6.5" - 6.75" (Micro): Riders upto 5 years-old (height upto 1.02m.)
  • Size 7.0" - 7.25"(Mini): Riders between 6 to 8 years-old (height from 1.04m. to 1.32m)
  • Size 7.3" - 7.4"(Mid Size): Riders between 9 to 12 years-old (height from 1.35m. to 1.57m)
  • Size 7.5"+ (Full Size): Riders from 13 years-old (height from 1.60m)
Sizes from 7.75" and up are recommended following the "style of the rider":
  • 7.75" - 8.0" for Technical Tricks, Street, Skate Parks
  • 8.0" - 8.25" for Skate Parks, Pool, Vert.
Complete Skateboards are an excellent choice for both beginner riders, and also for cost conscious advanced skaters who know our Completes are built from the same quality parts used by many Pro's.