Skateboard Risers/Shock-Pads

Many skaters add risers or shock pads to absorb impact and reduce vibration, which in turn helps prevent hardware from loosening. They can also prevent pressure cracks from forming in the skateboard deck.

Recommended Risers/Shock-Pads Sizes:
For wheels up to 55mm: 1/8" shock-pads or 1/4" risers
For wheels up to 60mm: 1/4" shock-pads or 1/2" risers

What size of Hardware do I need?
For No Riser: 7/8" to 1"
For 1/8" Riser: 1" to 1 1/8"
For 1/4" Riser: 1 1/4"
For 1/2" Riser: 1 1/2"