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Hey guys!

Today we're going to talk about the ECOBOARD Project from Sustainable Surf.

The ECOBOARD Project is focused on reducing  carbon footprints, increasing the use (and reuse) of renewable, recycled and up-cycled inputs, and reducing toxicity within the surfboard manufacturing process. It encourages the board-riding community to build, buy and ride high-performance sustainable boards.

This project is a wake up call for all those who are part of the surfing community to start discussing the problems we face. And for this conversation to begin, Sustainable Surf believes it's best started by focusing our attention on the most iconic object in all of surfing history, the surfboard.

"If we can change our surfboards to physically embody the ideals of sustainability, then we can change ourselves too."- This is their vision, believing that by taking these steps now, we will then apply the experience onto bigger issues.

Their objective is to ensure a long, sustainable future for the culture of surfing, as well as for our breathtaking planet that makes it all possible.

The change starts with you!

Stay tuned for more info!

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