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Zap Pro Large Skimboard -54x20.25 - Assorted Colors


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Zap Pro Large Skimboard -54x20.25 - Assorted Colors

If you are an older fella looking for an all-around board that will get you out on the water and into some waves, our Pro's are what you are looking for. The Large Pro is constructed to take a beating, while still retaining its performance. We beef'd her up with a thick enough core, so ya know you can count on her to float. This board is your solution if you aren't looking to spend top dollar, but at the same time can have the confidence in knowing you are holding a fully capable shred sled.

US: 54" x 20.25" METRIC: 137.2 x 51.4 Centimeters
US: 3/4" METRIC: 1.9 CM HighDensity Polyvinyl Foam
Satin Microfiber Aerospace Weave E-Glass
Rider Size:
Up to 200 lbs. / 90.7 Kilograms

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