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Zap Chizel Skimboard - 50.5" x 19.5"

Zap Chizel Skimboard - 50.5" x 19.5"

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Zap Chizel Skimboard -50.5" x 19.5"

Ahhh yes, the Chizel. Think you are ready to rip lil man? Give the Chizel a try. We dialed this board in with all the features that make a skimboard nothing less than shred-worthy, while leaving you with a little extra cash in your pocket. We've juiced this bad-lad up with our best core used in all of our high-end models & she's glassed with high quality Satin Microfiber Aerospace Weave E-Glass. On top of that, the Chizel's shape has been fused into what became a cross hybrid between our top selling Team Series Shapes. Rest assured, this board will do everything but hold you back on your shredding skills. With art features custom airbrush.

US: 50.5" x 19.5" METRIC: 128.3 x 49.5 Centimeters
US: 5/8" METRIC: 1.6 CM HighDensity Polyvinyl Foam
Satin Microfiber Aerospace Weave E-Glass
Rider Size:
Up to 150 lbs. / 68 Kilograms
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