Tiki Waxx Vibes Cool Single Bar

Tiki Waxx Vibes Cool Single Bar

Tiki Waxx

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Cold Coconuts: use in water 60 degrees or colder [soft]åÊåÊ

Cool Vibes: use in water 60 to 70åÊdegrees [medium]

Warm Aloha: use in water 70 to 80 degrees [hard]åÊåÊ

Tropical Jungle Bongo Base: for the trops! 80 degrees plus - also use as a base coat [harder]

Tikiwaxx is a high performance surf waxx with a hand carved design. AvailableåÊin 2 sizes and 4 åÊdifferent temps. colors and scents, åÊeach of the 6 unique Tikiwaxx carvings were thoughtfully designed and reproduced at Tikiwaxx facility.

TikiwaxxåÊworks best when used with a base-coat when first being applied to a fresh board. You can use the next harder temp wax as a base coat. Example: You use Cool Vibes Tikiwaxx because the water is always 72 degrees the Warm Aloha or Tropical Jungle Bongo Base would go on first over the entire area you are going to wax, using circle or the preferred xx's. Then apply the correct temperature waxx as the top coat. Remember: the warmer the water the harder the waxx should be. Doing this will greatly increase the longevity of a good waxx job on your board.åÊ