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Sticky Bumps

Sticky Bumps Dayrunner Thruster Bag 6'6" Grey

Sticky Bumps Dayrunner Thruster Bag 6'6" Grey

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Protect your Board and Travel in style with this awesome brand new SB Sticky Bumps Dayrunner Thruster Bag 6'6" Grey. Surfing brand Sticky Bumps boardbags are the ultimate in high quality - In stock and ready to Ship Fast!

• Board Size: SHORTBOARD - Fits 1 Board
• Dimensions: Length: 6'6"
• The Dayrunner Thruster Surfboard Day Bag from Sticky Bumps will help protect your board from lumps, bumps, doorways, disgruntled baggage handlers, sketchy roof rack setups, and all the other things that threaten the integrity of your surf stick. Doubles as a sleeping bag for those remote missions. Includes a convenient strap for carrying and a foil-coated heat reflective layer.

ABOUT Sticky Bumps
Sticky Bumps is famous for their Wax but their line also consists of Leashes, Traction Pads and Surfboard Bags.

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