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Ocean & Earth

O&E Ocean & Earth Longboard Stretch Cover 7'6" Blue Stripe

O&E Ocean & Earth Longboard Stretch Cover 7'6" Blue Stripe

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Protect your Board and Travel in style with this awesome brand new O&E Longboard Stretch Cover 7'6" Blue Stripe. Surfing brand Ocean & Earth boardbags are the ultimate in high quality - In stock and ready to Ship Fast!

• Board Size: LONGBOARD - Fits 1 Board
• Dimensions: Length: 7'6"
• Protective nose piece both sides - Protects against scratches, sun & wax - Drawstring closure + toggle.

ABOUT Ocean & Earth
Ocean and Earth is the world leaders in quality and innovative surf hardware accessories for over 35 years. Focusing on quality, design, function and innovation, Ocean and Earth has been able to keep improving and growing their range for over 35 years. Their knowledge and history of surf hardware products is umatched in the surf industry, with all Ocean and Earth products designed and built by surfers for surfers.

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