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Footprint Gamechanger Fp Logo 12-12.5 Insole


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Protect your FEET with FOOTPRINT INSOLE TECHNOLOGY. Footprint Insoles contain a nano technology which reacts to impact energy by transferring it into a different state (heat) before it can reach the body. The heat is no hotter than body temperature so you feel nothing.

Ride in style with this awesome brand new Footprint Gamechanger Fp Logo 12-12.5 Insole in stock and ready to Ship Fast!
• Recommended for flat feet. The world's best performing most advanced orthotic is also surprisingly simple to mold.
• A special urethane foam formulation re-cures with heat. Simply warming the insole will cause the inner arch to react and rise. Then it can be easily molded to the foot.
• As it cools down it will take the specific shape of the arch and become firm in your specific arch shape, giving you real custom orthotic support similar to what a doctor would give you along.
• Gamechangers will also give you more power, stability, endurance and balance.