Firewire Wingnut The Viking- TimberTEK Technology (TT) Surfboard


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  • Ability: Beginner - Expert
  • Bottom Contours: Single/Double
  • Rails: Full
  • Ideal Wave Size: 2-6ft

From | Wingnut

"For me...Surfing is GLIDE.

The feeling of gliding across the water, effortlessly converting the wave's energy into speed down the line, yard after yard.

It's a 'less is more' approach to surfing, where wave riding is reduced to its simplest form, trimming and gliding, for as long of a ride as possible.

The Viking's shape was designed by Mark Martinson. He' has spent the past 40 years designing surfboards and he won the 1965 United States Surfing Championships. Mark approached the Viking with his traditional, thinly foiled rails. The outline curve compliments the continuous smooth rocker through the tail. These things make the Viking turn smoothly for how long it is (11 feet!), and they also make it very stable through nose rides.

I love the Viking in one-foot surf with tons of kelp, and in overhead surf lining up the point by my house. It feels magic everywhere to me.

What surprised me most when I rode it the first time is the projection I felt out of the first turn. And I think everyone will enjoy the way speed increases yard after yard down the line because the Viking just feels like it gathers momentum really well. You notice it paddling too, the way each stroke gathers speed before getting to your feet.

When you're surfing it the sweet spot is right in the chest area of the board. Stand there. Feel it. Glide on it. It's so fun."


Length Width Thickness Volume
11' 00" 23 5/8" 3 1/2" 96.6 L

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