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Triple 8 Brainsaver Sweatsaver Liner Large Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight

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Since Triple Eight knows that sweating while skateboarding sucks, our techies here listened to our top riders, went back to the drawing board and developed the patented SweatsaverÌ_Ì_́Ì_壁Õå¢ liner that helps eliminate the smells, the staining and the eye blurring that occurs from sweat. Our revolutionary liner has moisture-wicking layers that limit sweat drippage, an anti-bacterial treatment to make it virtually stink proof, and a 360Ì_å?Õ? wrap around design to ensure that there is absolutely no liner separation. As well, with our terry cloth construction, you can kiss that itchy head feeling goodbye.
Product Details:
- Moisture-wicking layer limits sweat drippage in Triple Eight skateboard helmets
- Stink proof anti-bacterial treatment
- 360Ì_å?Õ? wrap around design prevents liner separation in Triple Eight skateboard helmets
- No more itchy head with Triple Eight skateboard helmets soft terry-cloth fabric
- Standard in all Triple Eight Rubberized Brainsaver skateboard helmets
- Available in sizes XS - ? XL (match with your respective helmet size)
- Please note that the sweatsaver liner is NOT compatible with the CPSC certified helmets

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