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Protec (Cpsc) Lasek Ace SXP Small Matte Grey Skateboard Helmet

Pro Tec

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The Ace helmets have long been the most recognizable helmets in the park. Increased venting, aero-styled shell. Stainless hardware, soft tubular webbing straps, and signature sticker pack round out this package. Available in 2-stage foam (Skate) & CPSC\SXP (Bike).

Surface activated eXpanded Polypropylene (SXP), a patented, multi-impact helmet technology that is ideal for the aggressive riding style of action sports athletes. When conventional helmets take a hard hit, the foam liner compresses and stays compressed, losing most of its impact absorbing properties. Due to the advanced chemical structure and sophisticated processes used to create SXP helmet liners, Pro-tec pushes beyond the norm by offering multiple impact protection that far exceeds the competition.

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