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Bear Grizzly 852's -Black 181mm 57A?íë_í«Œ‚?/47A?íë_í«Œ‚? Longboard Trucks

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Bear Grizzly 852's -Black 181mm 57A?íë_í«Œ‚?/47A?íë_í«Œ‚? Longboard Trucks


The Grizzly is our standard all round truck, available with a 52 or 40 degree baseplate. It has gone though many years of testing and refining by our professional riders and our in house engineer. We've kept the production quality high as well. The trucks are cast using a special casting formula to maximize strength and the axles are straightened post production. We've found that a 181mm axle width along with a 52 degree baseplate is optimum for all round longboarding. If going fast is your thing, the 40 degree baseplate will offer more stability at higher speeds, but less responsiveness at lower speed. If you're looking for versatility, we've made it so that you can easily change the angle of the truck by flipping the hanger. Doing so with the 52 degree baseplate turns the truck from a general carving truck, to a more downhill oriented truck. ?í´íë_

Specialized Casting Formula - Completely new metal formula, the most reliable aluminum alloy on the market. The alloy has been specifically mixed for our trucks and not pulled from some generic melted down block. Each batch is pre tested and approved at our factory before shipping out.

Post Production Hanger Alignment - All casted hangers on the market are slightly bent even before riding. This is because of the natural tendency for the hanger and axle metal to arc upon cooling. We have designed a propriety machine for the 2011 model that straightens the hanger's before assembly. No other company does it, no other company has a hanger this straight.

Widened rear baseplate legs - Added thickness to eliminate any possible baseplate warping and to help withstand any heavy impact.

Effective bushing Seat - Fully-wrapped leaning system with bushing base lock-in. This allows you to get extra lean and no turning restrictions. It is compatible with most bushings out there.

Standardized Pivot Cup - Our pivot cup is compatible with some other brands out there, to give a bit more versatility. Precise Pivot Cup / Pin Interface - Pivot Pin is designed and ground to specific standards to have specific sitting height and turning friction. This creates a consistent and predictable turn and allows a smooth heel to toe turning transition.?í´íë_

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